Wednesday, May 17, 2006


In the beginning...

I forgot to post the series of events that brought me to making the 800 million and 1th poker blog.

You see, I have a tilt problem. Am I a good player? Yes. Am I better than most? Yes. But none of that matters if you can't manage your bankroll or tilt. Success at poker begins with bankroll management. I don't care if you're Phil Ivey. I don't care if you win 90% of your sessions, if you play out of your roll you will go broke. I can attest to this. I've done it. I've gone broke many times.

Some recent events in life have made me aspire to play well and manage my bankroll properly. To make a long story short, I want the option to go pro by this time next year. This isn't saying I will. This isn't saying I will reach my $$$$$ amount goal (yes, 5 figures) that I won't share here. I simply want to have the option to go pro if I desire.

Here is a copy (some edits) of my original post on the FCP forums that lead me to this blog.

In light of my recent post of an admitted problem of playing above my stakes, I've decided to post results on a daily basis (well, days that I play). It's a rare opportunity that someone is willing to post their entire bankroll status in public view with the intent of being completely honest (if I go broke, you will know). This post will benefit me by having to be accountable for poor decisions (I'm not planning on making any this time), and will benefit some newer players on proper b/r techniques and game selection. The selected program is obviously tailored to me and my specific strengths, but I think people will be satisfied with what can be learned combined with comment from veterans.

I'm at work now and have a lot of driving to do afterwards. But tonight I've decided to deposit $200 and start over. My short term goal (2-3 months) is to get to $3000, take out $1000 for the few tilt fests I've had since I stopped playing for a living and tried to gamble up a bankroll after several weeks of successful management. From $2000 I can start launching an attack on a multitude of games.

For now I'm going to be playing $20 HU LHE. I think my bankroll is not strong enough for many HU players, but I have a few year track record of being a winning HU player. I feel very comfortable with 10xbuy-in.

I may throw in the odd $11+rake 10 person SNG as the play is God awful and I certainly feel comfortable with the amount of buy-ins I have even though it's a shared bankroll. And I'm going to leave the option open for playing ABC poker at 0.10/0.25 NL once I hit the $300 mark.

Just for reference, when I've gone broke before it's exclusively becuase I've taken my money to cash-game tables that were out of my b/r. For some reason, I do not tilt my way to the higher buy-in SnGs.

Once I get my b/r back to $500, I will introduce the 0.25/0.50 NL game ($50 max), probably 2-4 tabling. These are so ripe.

At $600 I'll move up to the $30 HU SNGs and possibly introduce HU NL to my gameplan again. My perception of the HU game is skewed pretty badly right now because I've been playing mostly LHE and it will take some time to re-adjust (funny enough, I have no problem adjusting to the cash game).

At $1000 I will introduce the $1/$2 Short-handed LHE to the game and take my SnGs to $50. I will stay at the 0.25/0.50 NL level playing ABC poker until I have at least 20k hands logged and have a proven record of crushing the game (6BB+/100).

The gameplan has obviously changed. My strengths have always been tournaments, SnGs and Heads Up. Cash games have always plagued me, but now I'm feeling fantastic about my cash game.

To summarize my new gameplan, I am no longer playing HU LHE. I am not playing any SnGs or much limit 6-max. I am exclusively playing cash games and tournaments, however, I've skimped on the tournaments lately because they take a big chunk of daily profits to play tournaments that have decent prize money. If you read below you can tell that I have had some immediate successes in tournaments. It's been awesome. I'm at a point in my poker career that I can tell the difference between a good "lucky" session and a good "well played" session. My tournament finish of 36 out of 932 has been my best to date. Obviously, my 9th place finish was better (out of 932 as well ironically enough) but I was getting good cards and getting my money in against morons. When I took 36th I bluffed almost my entire stack. It's awesome to know you can go deep in a tournament without getting cards.

As for future plans, I plan to stay at 0.25/0.50 NL 6-max for a while. At least until $2000, maybe higher.

Just for reference for all of you fans of "turn $xxx into $xxxx in "y" days," type threads, my deposit of $200 was on 5/2/06 and I've only been counting days that I've actually played NOT including live winnings. To date, I've turned $200 into $1300 in less than 13 days played. Also, I no longer plan to withdrawl the $1000 from my online bankroll and put it into my personal bank accounts in part due to the monster win I discussed when I went to play live. Plus, I really didn't need that extra money anyhow (it's going into the "buy a house" fund), since the job pays just fine.

For those that actually are following this I intend to be as honest as is appropriate. If all goes well there will be a time where I will no longer share exact bankroll figures and I hope people can respect that (and I hope even more that I reach that point). That being said, if there's any questions anyone wants to ask about any part of my game (including bankroll and stats at this point) please feel free.

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