Saturday, May 27, 2006


Day ??

Who cares what day it is, it's all one big session right?

I'm ashamed to say that I'm currently ripping CDs from such fine artists as Celine Deon and Luther Vandross for my mom's new iPod. Somehow purchasing doilies has become a viable option to enhance my apartment's decor. But I digress.

The work week last week was balls poker-wise. Goat balls. Rancid herpes-laden goat balls dipped in shit. Mmmm Mmmm.

Tuesday I played like a jackass. I went from $1316.92 to around $1090 in one night. I called off my stack with TPTK for about 4 of those buy-ins. I'm still at a loss for whether or not TPTK is a strong hand at these stakes. When you hold AK vs a A72 flop you are just as likely to have a donkey jam their AT as you are to run into 77. In fact, I'd say you're more likely to run into Ax than the set, I just happened to run into quite a few sets and two-pairs. I'm going to make the lay down against tight opponents, but against opponents who are 20%+ pf raise with aggression factors over 2.5, I've decided to simply pay off their sets. What can you do?

Wednesday was the worst case scenario for having a crappy day like Tuesday. I played marvelously on Wednesday, but the poker gods did not shine their grace upon me. Well... maybe they did, if that shining was in urine and fecal matter form. Some people like that shit. Mer schiezza biter!

There's no point in sharing bad beat hands because they are examples of the "gambling" aspect of hold'em. I played the hands fine.

I played live on Thursday. While waiting 3 hours for a NL seat, I made the mistake of sitting down at the limit table ($4/$8). I'm a decent limit player, very capable of crushing the competition here. But damn. You really cannot expect any short play session to yield profit with the extremely loose action there. You just can't. You really feel like you are gambling in that you have no control over the hand. You can't control action, you cannot bet people off their draw and you simply are up against too many draws to be able to survive to show down. I quickly lost my $200 buy-in and quit.

My NL seat finally becomes available ($2/$5 spread-limit $200 max bet, $200 max buy-in). I quickly double up through a post flop coin flip when my Js10s meets a limped QQ on a 3s 10c 5s flop. I turn the flush. Then I try to put a moves on an absolutely retarded player. He calls me down all the way to the river with no pair and no draw. Board was 4s 7d Jd. I thought he might have 56 or drawing to the flush. The turn brings my bluff (69os) some validity with a 5c. I bet out again, he calls. River brings a non-diamond 9. He moves all-in. I have a dilemma. This smells of missed-draw, and I can beat 56 as well as Ax of diamonds assuming the x isn't a 9. We can count our opponent out for having a jack because he didn't raise. So I decide to make the "sick" call. Villain flips over Ah 9h. I'm absolutely floored. I've never seen anyone play a hand like that in my life. I'm sickened and leave the casino down $400. Can't win 'em all.

Just goes to show you can't run sophisticated plays on unsophisticated players, nor can you expect to figure out a hand when your opponent doesn't even know what they're doing.

Fast forward to Friday. 3 day weekend and my birthday weekend! Fuck yeah! The boss lets me off work at around 3:30pm. I decide my luck has to turn and I head over to the same casino. $2/$5 NL spread limit $200 max buy-in. My bluff is picked off and I have to re-buy an extra $100. A while later I put down a sweet bluff to get my stack to $300. I get moved to the main table.

I triple up by gambling with an OESFD with 2 all-in before me. Can I get a hell yeah for 6c7c in position?

My stack stayed about the same all night. It dipped to about $550 at one point and was quickly boosted to over $1000 within minutes. There was really only one interesting hand that night...

I am in the BB with QQ (suits don't matter)
I have about $900, villain has about $200. (SB)

I raise my standard raise to $20. Villain calls.

Flop comes 10 K 24

Villain bets out $100.

This is an interesting hand because the flow of the game is that the strong hand has been checking to the raisor, and this guy has been playing that way all night. Why is he betting into us here? I figured it out pretty quickly in that he was bluffing/thinking his 10 was good. To boot, I've been following up pre-flop raises with continuation bets all night. If he checked to me, you can be certain that I'm betting here. Why would someone who has seen this tendancy of mine, bet out with a K when he knows I will give him the opportunity to check-raise me? Instead of trusting my read I went ahead and laid down the hand face up because I am drawing extremely thin against a King. He kindly shows his 10 9. I congratulate him on a hand well played and was sort of sick that I didn't trust my read.

I snapped him off later with AK vs his AQ on a 10 J Q flop. Ladies and gentlemen, please bet out your flopped straights... please? Slow playing is such an outdated mode of play that is so grossly over used and/or used inproperly that you are just giving away money. I was surprised when the turn was an A, and the river was a blank that he still called off all his chips when one card beat him. Oh well.

I cashed out with about $1080 ($780 profit).

I get up this afternoon at about 2:30pm after getting to bed at roughly 6:00am. In about 400 hands I'm able to recoop all of my last week's online losses by some solid aggressive play, a bit of gambling (I called a $10 stack's all-in with 3s4s when I had a stack of $200 and won...weeeeee. Actually the odds aren't all that bad against any two non-paired cards, in fact it ended up being about the same as calling an all-in with AK vs villain's TT if the case arose).

Ending online bankroll for the day (Berfday dinner and BEVERAGES)...


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