Sunday, May 14, 2006


Day 10 5/13/06 - 5/14/06

Woke up feeling like shit. Decided to go on a road trip to Cache Creek casino 1 hour away. Got there about 1:00pm. I was expecting the $1/$2 NL $100 max buy-in game that they usually spread, when I got there they had bumped it to $2/$4 $200 max buy-in. I only brought $300 anticipating the lower stake game, but at that point I had driven an hour and had enough to get started so I sat down.

To be honest there were no really interesting hands. I wasn't challenged. I didn't have to make any tough decisions. The table was so fucking weak-tight-weak it was ridiculous. By weak-tight-weak I mean that not only were they weak-tight in the traditional sense, but they'd also make HUGE mistakes with top pair no kicker on paired boards, straight boards, and boards with 3-4 to the flush already. Fucking money. One gentlemen dropped about $1400 before he called it a night. He actually called an all-in pre-flop with 3c4c.

The other part of the winning table formula was the min-raising. Opening bets were generally $8. Everyone slow played their rockets, AK, AQ etc. It was just stupid. The first really big pot I won was with 78 on the button. Flop comes down Q72 rainbow. Everyone had limped and the pot was about $30. People opened the bet for $10. 2 callers and then one min-raiser. I had already called the $10 bet knowing that I was behind but that I'd get paid if I hit. I call the extra $10. Turn is a beautiful 7. Action is 3 way and I'm able to sucker 2 other people into a $100 bet. Took down a $500ish pot. Never looked back. My stack peaked at about $1100 and I left with $910 at 2:30am. My last two hours of play included a lot of terrible pre-flop calls by my opponent making decent hands on the flop. But I had fun and made some decent money.

My only interesting comment about the session was "good tilt." People often only associate tilting with getting outdrawn and steaming. This is NOT true. "Good tilt," is just as bad. Good tilt is where you make friends at the table and throw them some softballs where you otherwise wouldn't. Here's an example.

Everyone limps (5 way), I have 8s7s in the CO. I limp as well. Button makes it $16 total. Every limper calls. This is fucking money when you hold 8s7s. I call the $12. The Button is a nice guy, I've been chatting it up with him all night, even bought him a beverage. Flop comes down 773 with 2 hearts. It checks to me, I check through knowing that Button has a big pocket pair. He bets $20. I *know* from previous conversations that he does not want to get entangled with me in a hand. He even joked about putting down KK pre-flop if I came over the top and was all in pre-flop. I'm not a big fan of slow playing, but on a flop like 773 with 2 hearts I can easily make it look like I'm drawing to a flush by calling. I don't. I raise his $20 bet to $60 total. He tanks and mucks.

Moral of the story. If you are serious about poker you need to set priorities at the table. Are you there to make friends, or are you there to make money? Last night I lost out on $200-$400 by lobbing softballs to people. On the flip side I also won an extra $100-$200 just by the respect I was getting. I was one of the largest stacks in a poker room of about 25 tables. I'll tell you what, it's a nice feeling to have rail birds pointing at "the citadel," that was my chip stack and whispering to friends.

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